SQ5 lease deal worth it?

Offered this deal on a 2018’sq5
Premium plus

Msrp $61,200
2k total drive off including 1st month
39 months
15k miles
$649 tax included
$612.12 before tax
Audi Care figures into lease payment

I really wanted this deal for 36 months
They won’t budge from 39 months

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39 months is just leasing better right now.

This is a decent deal for a SQ5, they don’t lease well. I wouldn’t put that money down though, just roll it in, and do MSDs to lower your payment.

Is there a car of this nature that would lease better. I don’t care for the Infiniti.

Grand Cherokee leases great and has all the same luxury and comfort of the European SUVs.

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Please. A Jeep Grand Cherokee <> Audi SQ5 any day or in any way.


I don’t disagree but if he just wants a nice luxury SUV at good price, there’s nothing wrong with a Grand Cherokee. Some people just want a cheap payment.

Sure. But they’re different sizes. Different drive trains. Different level of refinement.

I am sure some disagree, but German vehicles and American vehicles are just philosophically different.

I am not a fan of anything American. German or Japanese work are my preference.

what is the selling price/MF? price before incentives…

That looks like a good payment for an SQ5 with 15k miles. Only MSDs will get the payment lower.

I would say the X3 M40i is a little faster but would probably be a little more. GLC43 leases are normally worse.

not a bad deal. agree that you should use msd’s to get the payment down.

this car is in a completely different class than a grand Cherokee.

the competition is the x3m40i, glc43, Macan and fpace. a glc43 and Macan lease will be atrocious. don’t know about the fpace. the bmw will be worse than the sq5 lease, although you can do OK on a loaner.

sq5 by far leases the best in this segment.

I don’t get the not budging from 39 months. Even if the payment was higher, YOU set the terms of a lease. They can’t force you to take 39 if you want 36.

The only way is if the captive doesn’t allow 36, and we all know Audi does. In fact, I don’t think there is a captive that doesn’t allow 36 month leases.

But definitely see how much higher the payment is and weigh it against paying for an extra year of registration with the 39 month term.

They will only do 39 months at that payment. They only said 36 would be much higher.

can you explain the MSD’s please? I’m still learning here :wink:

Multiple security deposits. Depends on the manufacturer, but I believe a single MSD is equivalent to a month payment rounded to the nearest $50.

I’m not sure on this math, but I think for this lease, an MSD would be 650. Some manufacturers allow more MSDs than others, some don’t allow them at all (I.e. BMW).

Ask how much you can put down for MSD. The reason everyone here loves MSDs is because it’s “money down” that you are get back and essentially just lowers your interest rate. It’s a good way to use cash you’d use a down payment otherwise to lower the monthly payment, but you actually get it back instead of losing it.

Aside from Ca and WA, an extra year of reg is pretty cheap in most places.

I’d take the 39m lease if it made a material difference

That’s a good rate for an SQ5.

Do these 2018 have the fake exhaust panels on the rear or did they return real exhausts ???

Who cares???

This is one of the better SQ5 deals i’ve seen posted here.

The Stelvio would’ve been a good alternative choice but I think the lease prices are less competitive than they were a month or so ago right?

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Still the fake exhaust, which isn’t ideal, but I can’t seriously imagine would be a deal breaker.

The car is otherwise excellent.