Sporty cars with reasonable insurance

anyone have any ideas on some cars that are nice and sporty, yet have lower range insurance costs?

I know one of the biggest factors in $ differential is 4 doors vs 2 door but would be interesting to hear what people have gotten where they were surprised at how reasonable the insurance quote was (or vice versa!)

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440i was surprisingly reasonable, TBH. Paying $125/mo for 500K all around, $250 comprehensive/$1,000 collision.

Insurance isn’t a 1 size fits all business. What someone will tell you is cheap to insure may cost you more and vice versa. Only thing you can do is shop a car you’re interested in with your insurance company, or price out different companies altogether.

I can tell you, I wouldn’t rely on what some unknown tells you online, and just buy a car without doing your own due diligence first, based on your location, age, driving history, different insurer, liability limits, etc. Too many variables involved.

This thread will end just like all similar insurance threads do…with a multitude of answers based on a multitude of individual circumstances.


The aspects of the vehicle that tend to affect insurance price include its power and its repair and replacement cost. All other impacts to insurance cost are based on the driver - location of home and work, driving record, age, recent claims, etc.

If we narrow it down to vehicle impacts only, in general, less powerful vehicles that are ubiquitously available will be less expensive to insure. Given the same driver, a Lamborghini will cost more to insure than a Corvette which will cost more to insure than a CTS-V which will cost more to insure than a Honda Accord Sport.

But, as others have and will say, the only sure answer is for you to run cars by your insurance company or shop others because it’s so dependent upon your own personal situation.

If you already have insurance, d/l your company’s app. Many of them have very quick and easy ways to get a quote. Geico has a very usable app if you’re already with them.

Everyone is right—it’s too situational to be useful to get input from random 50-year-olds with squeaky clean records to 21-year-olds who’ve totaled 3 cars in 2 years to everything in between.


It’s also pretty dependent on “typical” driver of a particular vehicle.

A lotus elise I had was cheaper to insure them a Hyundai veloster. Why? More people wrecking those cheap Hyundai then a lotus. And when a lotus is involved in a crash it’s more often someone else’s fault. So overall sometimes pretty cheap to insure a rare semi-exotic car over a typical everyday vehicle.

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Corvettes. usually older people drive them and baby them. I had a Z06 and my insurance (with a Hyundai Azera) was $180 a month total

You should get a sporty - Dodge Caravan.

By the way, the smoke here is either the driver patching-out or It’s an engine fire.

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My money would be on Engine fire, considering FCA isn’t known for their quality :grin:

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Yeah a friend of a friend works as an insurance actuary. Didn’t get much info but they profile cars based on their internal claims history as one factor in setting rates.

This applies to me. My MDX costs less to insure than my Accord despite being worth 10k more at present. Why? Almost assuredly because MDX buyers are less risky to insure based on Geico’s internal history (it’s a soccer mom car).

There is the model-based risk profile of an accident. There is also the cost to repair a particular model. And then there is the risk of being stolen. Sport cars tend to get stolen more than others.

What about boring cars with ridiculous insurance?


Do Telsa Model 3s still have absurd insurance rates? Does it still have high replacement part costs + only can be fixed at Tesla approved locations?

I am married to someone who still affectionately describes a 1992 Saturn SL1 as “very sporty.”

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In their defense, in 1992 . . . nope, cannot even type it with a straight face. That’s funny. But hey, perception is reality.

Was that the one with the 1.8 DOHC :rofl:

It was definitely “Twin Cam.”

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I can say Hellcat is pretty bad.

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Gosh, first girl I had a HS crush on had that same car. And the color was honest to god called Blue Black unless she was pulling my chain.

Congrats for recognizing the red flag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Blue-Black color was only available on the 1994 S-Series Saturn’s.

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