Sports Sedans that Lease the Best?

A similar question was asked previously, but since it’s more than a year old, I thought it was fair to try again. Which sports sedans tend to lease the best? BMW, MB, Audis, Infinity, etc.? I’m partial to BMW, but I won’t lease a 2018 model, so I need an alternative.

Why won’t you lease a 18 Bmw? Generally they lease the best especially demos or loaners, except for Infiniti’s which are just straight up cheap but steer like crap.

@conanohasselhof, I feel like the redesigned 2019 BMWs will be a lot better, and I’ll be angry if I’m stuck with a 2018. Just a hunch. Nothing to back that up. I just don’t want to regret it. That said, for the right price, I’d lease a demo or loaner, but I don’t know how to find one.

A lot of BMW dealers list their loaners on their websites, target the ones below 5k miles.

Also, if you really want a 2019, it’s going to cost you unless you wait for demos/loaners, and even then the monthly is not going to be friendly like an outgoing 2018.

Search used bmws with less than 5000 miles at Bmw dealers. Almost every one of the 3 4 5 series cars will be a demo or loaner. Residual get dinged .25 per mile over 500 miles. Rest of the lease calculation is the same.

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Thanks for the advice, guys.

Do you then just ask the dealer specifically about one of the loaners?

Yes, find one you like and ask about the particular vehicle using the stock #.

@Supakimchee, I checked my local dealer’s site, and they have some very attractive loaners. What’s odd is that they seemed to be priced as if they’re new. Is that normal?

@Supakimchee, also, it seems like they’re only offering financing (online at least). Is leasing a loaner more of a negotiated thing?

Has anyone had any luck with an RS3 lease? When I get an online quote, they seem outrageously more expensive than similarly-priced other makes. What gives?

You really need to read Leasing 101 if you are still asking this question.


Alfa Giulia leases pretty well but doesn’t compare to an RS3

You’re probably looking at 2017, bmw no longer leases those so the dealer has to finance to get rid of them.

You can only lease 2018s.

Also remember posted prices online are probably not the best they can do, it’s up to you to get a good selling price. I recommend emailing them, don’t do it over the phone or in-person.

You should probably forget about the RS, they lease horribly per our only Audi contact on this site.

They probably have a horrible residual because it will be insanely expensive to repair after the warranty is up, plus the Money Factor is probably very high, AND they probably aren’t discounting the vehicle at all or even possibly adding markup.

So you’re saying RV, MF and sales price (cap cost) is important for leases even if the MSRP is the same? :wink:


Best leasing sport sedans currently are the q50 and the giulia.

Audis in general lease poorly. High end niche models generally lease worse than the mainstream models. RS3 suffers from both.

Here’s some cars an RS3 leases for more than:

Maserati Ghibli
BMW M 240i (even the convertible)
BMW M3 (same price)
BMW 440i
BMW 530e
Audi S4
Audi S6 (same price)
Audi A7 (same price)
Lexus GS F (same price)
Mercedes C AMG 43
Mercedes C AMG 63
Mercedes SLC AMG 43
Mercedes SL 450 (same price)
Possibly BMW i8
Possibly Acura NSX

Edit: Found some more
Porsche 718 Cayman
Porsche 718 Boxter S
BMW 640i
BMW 740i

Very close but slightly more expensive:
Audi RS 5
Audi S7