Sports cars that lease well

Does anyone know of any affordable sports/sporty cars that lease well? Looking for a payment around 250, but I can put a significant amount down, or into MSD’s or the like.

Maybe try a Brz. The car will need to have a low to mid 20s msrp to lease around 250. Also advise against money down.

As opposed to money down I could probably just keep some money in the bank and use that to supplement the payments, since I’m selling/trading in a car that I completely own prior to getting into a lease.

That makes sense. Make sure they cut you a check for the car then negotiate the lease.

Any other cars you’ve heard about? I’m swaying away from the BRZ only because one of my close friends just got one and I don’t want to steal his thunder… Obviously I’ll still be looking into it though.

Possibly look at a Wrx. Not sure you can get one down to 250.

No way. I’d be surprised even for the base.

So it’s looking slightly bleak. Might try to swing a Genesis 3.8. I’m really interested in any car that is just fun to drive and somewhat quick.

Last model year of the car so shoot for a huge discount.

I Just ran a lease on the 2017 F-type coupe

.00115 MF
74% Residual !!! 36 Month 10k

$3000 Capital Reduction

$440 plus tax

$64k MSRP

Anthony @

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Don’t see how it’s “YUGE” other than crazy residual. With $0 cap cost reduction - it’s $530. With tax - $560 - $600+. With the real $0 due at signing - $620-$670.

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I’m a college student, not really in the market for an F-type, it’d just be irresponsible… I very much appreciate the idea though Anthony.

What about a base Mustang?

Those Jag numbers sound good. Any more details on how to possibly score a deal on a F Type? Are the 24 mo residuals sky high?

That’s definitely something to consider.
Does anyone have any experience with a Challenger RT lease? It looks like there are a good bit of incentives out right now. I also have a Dodge employee discount which might be very useful.

It isn’t as good as it seems unless you get 100% base model with manual and no options. I couldn’t even find one under 67k MSRP near me. Manuals are hard to come by, let alone one without any options. If you want an automatic you are looking at $560 a month before taxes.

I found a 100% base auto listed at just under $65k. Does the auto over manual change the lease substantially?

You will definitely have a bit of an easier time negotiation with the manual. It will not be a significant difference, but the dealerships near me are more lenient with the manuals as they seem they are having a more difficult time getting rid of them. Where are you located?


The 2017 residuals for a 24 months lease is only 2 points higher. the longer terms for 36 months makes it for a great lease.

the 2017 F-type coupe automatic , only has 2 options, metallic paint and climate package w/ heated seats

MSRP w/ both is $64,895

I just had customer place orders for them, 8 to 12 weeks wait of sooner if one becomes available.
$475 a month w/ tax & $5000 down for a Supercharged 340HP sports coupe? I’m In!!!

The F-type is sexy!

of that 5k, how much is cap cost reduction?