Sports car for around $350

Im looking to lease something that is somewhat sporty, sedan or coupe, for about $350 in the Southern California with an Automatic transmission.

Ive read that Q50 and Q60 can be had for that much but no dealership has gotten near that price.

Any pointers? Or anyone can point me to a broker that can help?

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How much down payment are you looking to put? With 0 das and $350 including tax, in the coupe market, you’re kinda limited to something like a base Camaro or mustang ecoboost

Sedan wise, you can maybe get a 330i or q50. Check the marketplace for offers.

I dont want to put any money down, but I am not looking for 0 DAS. Im willing to pay drive offs.

I don’t have a specific suggestion for a dealer or broker, but I can confirm Q50’s can be had in this range. Are you looking for 10k miles / 39mo? I’m at the end of my Q50 lease and it’s been a fantastic daily driver. I snagged a deal in April of 2016 on a remaining 2015 model on the lot and ended up at $289/mo with $1k DAS. From what I’ve seen some of the best deals come around March/April for Infiniti.

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I got a 45k c300 loaner for $348 including tax:>

I got nearly this same q50 deal ($296/month + 1k DAS), except got mine Dec. 2015, and it was before I knew about this website. It is a fun car, lots of power for the money.

Also 330i loaners, c300 loaners as mentioned. I’m in the market now with similar price range.


I’ve had both a Q60S & (currently) a Q50S in the $300-$400’s/month. They can be done, but they seem much more difficult that previous years. For example, my Infiniti dealer, who knows me as a customer (limited haggling on both sides)…has offered a Q50 RS for around $500/month with $0 DAS. While that doesn’t seem like a horrible deal, I’m paying much less for a comparable car (MSRP wise).

Do you have a loaded up q50s currently? 100 more HP for the redsport (despite same engine).

I do. Yes, I know all about the RS. There are almost the car as previous years; there have been minimal changes. I compare $ to $ when it comes to the lease…the amount of HP has almost no bearing on what the lease is going to cost (for comparison purposes). The RS also has a no engine, not the same. Mine has the NA 3.7L…the RS feature a 3L TT motor.

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