Special Trade in Invite from local VW dealer

I am wondering how many of you have received a “One Day only Special Trade in Program” from a dealership? I received this shiny and formal looking letter from the VW dealer that has exclusively serviced our Passat explaining that this Saturday, a special unadvertised sale will be conducted where they are willing to pay 5,125 dollars above trade in value for our 2008 Passat.

I slightly laughed at the letter dismissing it as a ploy to get you into the dealership. I might pass by and collect the free Target gift card they are offering at least.

So how big of a gimmick is this? If they want to give me 9k for my Passat, I’d be happy to let them have it haha!

I get letters like this also for my a couple of long gone cars (long ago traded VW and also for my long ago traded Chevy). It’s just a gimmick to get you into the dealership. They don’t expect to lose anything here.

Clean used cars are in demand though.

This is the key - they will set trade-in value $7K below KBB and will pay $5,125 above that :slight_smile:

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Yea, Fair condition trade in for my car is around 4200. The letter states in bold they will give “9200 in trade allowances for my car.” I tried reading the fine print and nothing too crazy in there.

Just trying to get you in. They won’t pay anything close to that number. Unless they give you an extra $5K off in “trade allowances” on top of all other discounts on your new car. But it won’t happen.

That’s what I am expecting. VW lease numbers aren’t too great this month so the only question is should I pass by and get my free Gift Card to Target.

If you go there for the free gift card, you might as well ask them about trade. They will appraise your car while you take a test drive.

I got a call from the dealer to come in, since the manager has approved to overpay for my car… :roll_eyes: Riiiiiight