South Lexus GX460 Questions

South region here, but willing to do nationwide deal.

#1. Is 10-12 % pre incentive a reasonable ask on 20 GX?
Research says yes, but inventory is lower in places down here, so not positive in current market. Thoughts?

#2 when emailing your offers out of area, would simple layout like this work, or would you send more and full calculator?

  1. MSRP

  2. Pre incentive discount ask

  3. Base money factor/RV

  4. MSDs and updated money factor

  5. Incentives

  6. Pre Tax payment that equals

  7. Upfront fees etc (mention likely to just pay).

Thanks for all your help, this site has been a huge help for quite a while.

Done a couple deals, but been lucky enough to manage locally, with the current situation having to look farther out.

PS… Not dead set on Lexus, just wifes first choice. Also done plenty of research into XC90, 4runner off road premium, caddy xt5/6.
Coming off Acura MDX.

Any other ideas of solid options appreciated also.

Definitely look at the Marketplace section for XC90, etc.