South Florida Meetup

I see people on here doing these across the country. Any fellow hackrs interested in doing one here in South Florida? We can all conspire to take down the good ol boy network and their ridiculous dealer fees! Just guaging interest…


I’m in if we do it. I live in Coral Springs.

As do I but I’m good for anywhere in the tri-county area.

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I’m interested also. Looking to lease right away.

That and or keep up a south east area thread going, had a popular one going but it was closed due to silly postings starting which could of been moved to off ramp. Up to the mods I guess. Im in, been getting ridiculous offers contacting different Honda dealers. although my current lease is up in Dec have been shopping to see how the deals compare to other threads here and with the ridiculous fees most quoting around 350 per month where I know I can get a “BMW” for that price! :smiley:

It’s gonna take a lot more than 10 people to “take down the good ol’ boys.”

Spoiler: it won’t happen.

It’s not the dealership’s fault they charge the ridiculous doc fees…it’s your state government. They are all well within their rights to charge what they charge.

No question. That statement was all sarcasm.


Fair enough…had a hunch it was, but couldn’t tell.

I’d be down for a group. My lease is coming up in a couple of months and I have already received letters and email form the dealer about trading in the lease early for another. Currently have a 2016 Infiniti, but unfortunately there haven’t really been any updates to the car since so I am uncertain I want to stick with the same model (Q50)