South Dakota family of 6 looking for SUV

My wife and I and our four children are looking for the best deal on an AWD or 4WD that will comfortably seat 4 adults and 2 pre-teens. would really like to stay away from the bigger Tahoe and Sequoia sized vehicles. Great vehicles but don’t want anything quite that big.

Sorry. Forgot to mention that we do need AWD or 4WD since we have snow and ice in South Dakota. Any suggestions or deals that anyone knows of would be much appreciated!

Tahoe + necessary extra characters

I am not sure what “comfortably” means to you but 4 adults and 2 pre-teens seem to require at least a Tahoe/Yukon.

Toyota Highlander XLE.

Sienna AWD . You need 3 rows and minvans are way more practical than something smaller than a Suburban.

Ford Flex AWD.
Durango AWD.
Explorer AWD