Source for Depreciation Numbers

what source is everyone using for depreciation %/numbers so they are able to use the finance calculator for an accurate comparison against leases

i’ve found these three sources thus far

KBB: so, using their 5y total cost calculator, they do list depreciation as an itemized number. it is not clear the value used at the start of the calculation, but if i use the KBB fair value thing, it lines up pretty well with The Money Calculator link below (in some cases). In other cases, like mazda, the money calculator below shows a significant disparity

Calculate Car Depreciation By Make and Model : like i said, matches somewhat well to KBB with honda (have yet to get through many others). ignore the fact its in a different currency, the %'s is all i’m after. i put in 5y and the KBB fair value price and i’ve found it lines up quite well at least on the honda front. after comparing with mazda, not so much and why i’m here writing this post

Cars with the Best Resale Value : this one appears to be flying on butterflies and rainbows with it’s fairly favorable depreciation numbers

anyone have a more trusted source they use?

someone has to be using something, how else are you using the calculators reliably?

When i run the numbers, i calculate based off the lease rv, then run the numbers assuming more and less depreciate, to see if there’s a knee in the curve.


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