Sonata 2022 release date?

Hey Hackrs,

I’m really thinking about getting a sonata but it seems that it would make sense to wait till the 2022’s are out. When do you guys think that will happen and should I wait or just go for a 2020 or 2021 now? Anybody have the car and would care to share their experience would be helpful as well.



The 22s have been out for a couple weeks now. I doubt you’ll find any 20s. If you are looking for any sort of deal, just pick up a 21.

Thanks haven’t been able to find a 2022’s in LA

Agree, I don’t see any 2022s (unless the few that landed, sold?).

I suspect there are some at the ports, nationwide I see 7,006 new ones, mostly 2021. Not sure if they are depleting inventory first or waiting for the ok to start sending to dealers (any Hyundai folks know?)

In general, it’s a dismal time to lease or buy. If you can wait and revisit in a few months, wait.

Thank you jeisensc!

Do you think september will be better?

Anything is possible / nobody knows for certain. I think it’s going to take a little longer than that. Keep watching Shared Deals here to see if/when they improve

I work at a hyundai dealer. We started getting 22s a couple weeks ago. Only a hand full of them though. We are very light on sonatas as it is. Most of what we have been getting were the hybrids. They also started building gas models in Korea as well. The 22s have been US built.

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