Something isn't adding up on a 2020 340

I have a dealer that is trying to get me to trade up and cannot figure out where the deal is sideways. I have plugged it into the calculator and still not working for me. Plus the MSRP is wrong but they are moving forward with it (so far)

I have a 2018 340 but have decided to pay it off and flip it instead of turn it in so this is just to lease a new one independent of that item.

MSRP - $51,800 (this is below the MSRP on BMWNA which is setting off some alarms on a car that is hard to find but VIN and pics tie out and both are reputable BMW dealers).
Discount $3,078 (6%)
Incentives $3,000
Sale Price: $45,627
Money Down $1,000
Dealer Fees: $1,413
Tax: $30
Residual: 59%
Money Factor: .00099

Working with one dealer closer to me and they are bringing it in from a dealer in another part of the country so shipping may be in play but not disclosed yet.

I am scratching my head further because when I plug these numbers all in it comes back with a payment around $480 and they are saying it is around $600.

I have asked them to put it all on an order form to see if something is missing and screwed up. Any insight would be appreciated.

Are you talking about an m340?
Dealer website usually show the sales price.
Base MSRP is in the 60s for the m340s.
If this is a loaner check how many miles it has on it I’m pretty sure it’s over 5000

Also it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a detailed lease sheet

Exactly what I am struggling with but showing new and less then 100 miles. I do think a 340 at $1/k down and $600 a month is a good deal but with this MSRP and the payment math being wrong it doesn’t add up.

It makes absolutely no sense haha, a base m340 is 55, 000. If they are giving you a pre incentive SP of 48,627 they are giving you around 12% off a new m340 which is a pretty good deal in these times

Also how many miles are you doing ?

has to be a 330 msport right??

That would tie out MSRP wise (although payment should still be lower) but the pics and description are all 340

10,000 miles

Makes no sense… sometimes dealers mess up the pictures of the car and specs with the sales price. The only time I’ve seen “MSRP” mentioned lower than what it actually is, is on a used or unleasable car

Clarify with the dealer on what the MSRP really is, it cannot be 51xxx

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Exactly. I am having them write it up as though I am going forward to see if there is a hole. If the VIN and description tie out with the numbers…

You can easily plug the VIN into a bmw vin decoder Get all options, engine, color etc

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Do you know any working Bmw vin decoders? They all have been down lately.

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A general search comes back as a 340 but a decoder with all the options would be fantastic.

M Decoder is good ime.

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I used mdecoder in the past but it’s giving me an error lately. Maybe it’s just my computer.

Signed up for an account but says that I have no searches left in my account.

Hmm not sure why. I used it as recently as yesterday with no issues.

Could it be a 2019 340i instead?

New 340 came out in 2020 I believe so don’t think so.

My guy just called and said that he called the dealer in Texas and appears they use that ad as as conversation starter, the actual MSRP IS $64k. Wow, I am stunned, I know games happen but common.

My guy may have found a suitable option to make up for it. Waiting on details and will update y’all.

Wait… isn’t that called bait-and-switch? :grin: anyway, glad the due diligence is taking place