Some models I'm looking at - what is worth leasing from this list?

Currently in the last month of a BMW 328d lease (currently paying $430/mo with $0 down, MSDs, original MSRP was $49K which I think was a pretty good lease deal at the time for a diesel). Looking for my next car. I haven’t decided whether I want another sedan or an SUV (CX5, RDX size).

Some models I’m considering, in no particular order:
Alfa Romeo Giulia
Mazda 6
Jaguar XE
Kia Stinger
Genesis G70 (but don’t think it will hit dealers in the next month)
Inifiniti Q50
Accord (hybrid maybe?)
Acura TLX (A-spec would be nice)
Volt or Bolt maybe but not sure I’m ready for electric
Another BMW 3-series (pretty low on the list, I kinda want something different)
anything else to add to the list?

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Mazda CX5
Hyundai SantaFe Sport
Acura RDX (outgoing 2018 model, 2019 won’t be here in time)
Volvo XC60
anything else to add to the list?

Which of these brands and models in particular are worth leasing? I’m not looking to buy a car, just another 36mo/30Kmiles lease. Something around $400 all in, $0 down. Not looking for fancy features on them, in fact I do not want things like GPS (used it 1-2 times in my BMW in 3 yrs, my phone is way better) if I can help not pay for them.

Yes, I know I’m all over the place, just started looking. It helps filtering out things that are out of reach so I don’t waste time driving them.

Thanks for a constructive discussion.

Have you test drove any of these? Perhaps that would make it easier. For your budget, Giulia or Stelvio would have been a nice fit.

You may want to scratch Accord Hybrid off the list, I hear they they don’t make the best leases, but do create viral topics for conversation.


Think you need a longer list of cars… why limit yourself :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Just started looking today, and funny I just drove the Giulia and Stelvio! Coming from a 3-series, they are pretty nice to drive and dealer seems to be motivated to move the Stelvios (they are swimming in them, I posted another topic asking a question about a lease special on them). A bit worried about reliability with Alfa though, read some stories about Giulia problems … Now I’m not marrying the car, just 3 yrs and done but again I don’t want to be at the dealer every week for the next 3 yrs.

I’d take a hard look at all of the BMWs since you have the capability of getting loyalty, transferring in your current msds, and maybe find a loaner.


It may only be every week for the next 2 years. That makes a much better lease, plus no insane maintenance cost.

OP, I’ll 2nd what @nyclife said, BMW might have an advantage because of the loyalty and MSD transfer. Do you like the BMW I3, it’s a PHEV.

Did you like 328d? My wife will be shopping 328d or 330i wagon in November.

@Bruce_Smith Yep, I like the 328d very much. Can’t beat 45mpg. Also the diesel low end torque. When I got mine there was a deal where BMW took off the $1500 diesel engine premium, but there’s no such thing currently. For a lease, it’s not worth paying the premium, you don’t save enough in gas over 3 yrs.
I also have the option to buy my 328d and the dealer quickly dropped $8K off the ridiculously high RV, but I do not want to marry a BMW right when the high expenses start (I owned 2 before and it’s ugly when you need to fix something and you do for sure, pretty often – contrast that with an Acura TL I’ve had for the past 10 years and just spent money on consumables, though from what I read Acura/Honda is no longer what it used to be either).

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@nyclife and @cheapdad00 - I’m afraid that I will end up with another BMW, but I so want to switch it up a bit, I’ve owned enough BMWs, I think. But not sure there are good deals on X2 which seems like a different enough model to be interesting. Best leases seem to be on the 3 series, highest RV, but don’t want exactly the same car for another 3 years.

The advantage of another BMW would be MSDs, no $350 lease end fee and easy lease return on my current car, the dealer basically said don’t worry about tires or anything, just bring it back and there are no charges (otherwise the car needs tires – crappy expensive run-flats). But then again, if I can get a much better deal on a different car, it may be worth dealing with the lease return hassle.

If you want an SUV, also look at QX60 which leases well with a very generous MSD program.

@cheapdad00 thanks for the QX60 tip. Anything from Nisan worth looking at, like the Rogue? I’m not a brand snob, even though I’ve had BMWs, I’ve also owned Honda and Ford, don’t really care about the badge if I’m happy with the car itself.

Talk to me please about the insane maintenance cost. I know the Stelvio needs spark plugs at 30Kmiles, but that would not be an issue on a 3yr/30K lease if I don’t go over. Any other costs I’m not aware of?

$250 oil changes. Perhaps you are used to expensive service, since you had BMWs, but for me it was a show stopper. If you want reliable and don’t mind low end infotainment system, then Q50 should also fit the bill.

BMW includes service, I suppose I also need to factor that in (though these days it’s only 3 yrs, but enough on a lease).

$250 oil changes? Do these things run on gold? It’s a lease, I assume Jiffy Lube can do it? Or just don’t change the oil for 3 yrs :slight_smile:

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My coworker went cheap and changed oil on her Mini at Midas. They fowled up so much, the car had to written off as total loss.

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How could anyone screw up an oil change that much? Drain pan, replace filter, refill with proper oil type.


You obviously want one of the Alfas. They look good and drive great. I drove a base model Giulia at the beginning of last year, it was a whoot, but at that time they were leasing terribly. Now there are some deals to be had on 24 month leases. They fit in your budget and they are not “another BMW.” I hear the electric gremlins that plagued the first year models are less pronounced in 2018 models. The best Alfa leases are for 24 months. They are basically saying, “com’on it’s only 2 years, give us a try…”

@tommylotto, @wheelz and I are facing a similar problem. I agree that the Alfa is a worthwhile consideration. However, on their site, they indicate that the lease would be $568 (assuming no downpayment). Obviously, that’s before any negotiation but seems massively over-priced for what it is. Any thoughts? $568 is the worst case scenario, so not sure what a reasonable cost for one would me.

Giulia leases typically run 2-years. I got mine 3 weeks ago and have loved every minute of it. Felt a lot better drive-wise than BMW