Some help on a Toyota Tacoma Lease


Having a bit of analysis paralysis. I have a timeline of 2 years to buy a primary residence. I currently own outright a 2016 Subaru WRX STI. My thoughts are to try and protect the money in the Subaru by selling (likely trading) and leasing a Tacoma. The reasons for the Tacoma is that its one of the few cars with a manual, its 4wd, and has a real high residual. Alternatively I can keep my Subaru for some more years and pay myself a lease payment for the car. I know the car will need about 1k worth of tires soon and I am out of factory warranty shortly.

The lease I have negotiated is on a almost 40k msrp truck. The discount from MSRP is almost 10%. (2019 Tacoma Sport- 5ft bed double cab)
I am in CT and my sales tax is 6.35%
I have a 2 or 3 year lease option with residuals at like 85%/78%
and MF of .00228
12k Miles

I will put down 9 MSD’s

I have been quoted a payment of 285 and 318 (2/3 yr) With only the first month payment when I pick up the truck. I think its a good price but when I put it into the calculator its less. The dealer says there is no money left to give. I have asked for the worksheet and am waiting.

Has anyone leased a 40k Tacoma through TFS for 250 per month with 0 down?

Am I crazy to lease a car and not just drive my current one two more years and sell before buying house?


@BillyB, I got close to 250/month without tax for my TRD off road, here is what I posted somewhere else:

I just did a one pay on my Tacoma 4x4 trd off road w/ tech package, 24 months, 15k/year, $37k MSRP. Worked out to $6,605 with my area’s taxes, 7.75%, which comes out to $275/month with tax or $254/month without tax. Long story short, it saved about $600 to do the one pay. If I remember correctly, the one pay reduces the money factor about .001, which is better than the 9 MSDs. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

With the high residual and either MSD’s or one pay, these become really good to lease. My residual was 86% for 12k/yr, but I think 84% for 15k/yr.

If you do decide to get rid of the Subaru, I highly recommend selling it private party rather than turning it in at a dealer. You will get significantly more money for the car.

If you’re in CT and willing to come to Ma, I can get you a lower payment.

Give me a ring at 3393640356

Yes sell private party, should sell quickly and for more. Cool car