Some Camaro LT1 data points

@DNA_Auto_Wholesale1 can buyout GM leases. Maybe worth getting a quote.

Most have been getting around $37K recently, despite how big of a markup the dealer then attaches.


If you are in California, Phoenix, Scottsdale and the Las Vegas Area, highly recommend MyCarAuction. They are able to buy leased vehicles since they essentially pay off the vehicle in your name and then have you transfer the title once received from the DMV. I had my Kia K5 GT-Line lease for 4 months and sold it to MyCarAuction for almost $5000 more than I owed, although I originally put down $2000 when leasing. Decided to lease a Camaro LT1 instead which I’ve had for about two weeks and am really enjoying :slight_smile:


A data point for fellow LT1 owners. Just sold my 2021 LT1 with 1200 miles tonight to a local Chevy dealer (with an MSRP of $39,665) for $39,250.


Never will forget when my mechanic showed me a 7 series at our local BMW dealer.

Owner had put an aquarium with water and his fish in the back of his 7 series.

The thing cracked and broke while driving and so did the electrical system in the entire car.


So I might not have been able to get the LT1 I was after but it turns out that I was merely playing 4D Chess… I will be getting an LT2!

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Another datapoint----

I sold this car Signed - 2021 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 - $41,765 MSRP - $1200 DAS - $335/mo

for $39,500 with 5k miles to a local dealer.


How much did you net?

Nothing, $0.

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That sucks. I wanna get rid of mine soon. Sucks GM took away third party buy outs. I had offers of bear 40k for mine and pay off is just below 36k. Why did you decide to sell? 4xe?

I was very happy with a net of near $0. That means I drove it for free (and I racked up the miles on it as I was using it as a daily).

I sold it to get another one in a 22 in rapid blue…and dont me started on the 4xe, LOL. Like others, my June HA order is still not here… :slight_smile:


Oh I get ya. Some people like to not add in their payments when they’re adding up their net profit

Are the numbers looking good on the 22s? What kinda discount did you get?

Some people mistakingly call lease equity profit.

But I’m guessing those same people don’t call it the same thing when they are doing their taxes the next year!


If you find a dealer willing to do GM supplier, one can probably get the same deal as I got on the original one. Straight up GM supplier price along with the additional GM supplier rebate and no/minimal dealer fee at standard MF and the deal is good.

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Yea I’m the end with insurance and payment I walked away with $300 profit. But $0 bet would have been fine too considering how fun the car was to drive.

Chevy Dealers are paying good money for these. Look for a dealer that works with ACV auto auctions.

How do I find out if they use that auction? Just ask the sales guy?

My local dealer just told me the removed all markups on Camaros so every one is at sticker now. They said production is picking up. They still won’t take supplier, but maybe a good time to sell your Camaro to a third party before Camaro supply lowers wholesale prices.

Also saw rapid blue on a Camaro for the first time. I like it but maybe not as much as I did just looking at pictures. I have a rapid blue on order so trying to decide if I change it or stick with it.

GM doesn’t allow third party buy outs. Not about to pay it off and pay sales tax to then maybe lose money.