Solid Lease or NOT?how to get this number?-> GMC Terrain SLE 24/10 89 monthly + 1790 drive offs

Hi I’ve searched for a deal in Detroit Area which list below:
I cant get the right number based on the leasehacker calculator:
anybody can help me?
below is shown by dealer
Preferred Price
Customer Cash 1

Take Delivery By 04/30/2018
Bonus Cash 2
Take Delivery By 04/30/2018
Select Market Bonus Cash 3
Take Delivery By 04/30/2018
Sale Price
(5 Days, 3 Hours, 8 Min Left)
Conquest Cash4
Take Delivery By 04/30/2018
$89 For 24 Months/$1790 Due @ Signing 5
$89/Month For 24 Months. $1790 Due At Signing
Take Delivery By 04/30/2018
Offer Disclosure
here is how i calculate:

are you sure they’re calculating buy rate MF? also, how does the $1790 due at signing breakdown?

it doesn’t show up the breakdown, but it should be first month pay, acqusition fee, doc fee and etc.
the MF in my lease calculator is I found in edmunds forum, dealer doesn’t show up their MF anyway

Get an actual quote from the dealer instead of just taking their ad at face value. Many times they will not quote the price they advertise. It is just wasting time unless you have a formal offer