Sold Velar P250 SE R-Dynami

No pictures of the vehicle atm, it is inbound. It’s a standard Narvik Black / Ebony (black / black) Velar P250 SE R-Dynamic with copper accents. First person to PM me willing to submit a credit application and place a deposit gets the car. I do not suspect the car will last past today. Text preferred for fastest response.

I feel like the term “unicorn deal” is being thrown around way too liberally around here. This is an OK deal especially considering it’s for 7500 mikrs/year.


unicorn deal is WAY better than 1%ish, and especially not a obnoxiously overpriced 4 cylinder 5000lb slug. Unicorns are not the best deal this month. They are the best deals on cars that lease well this year.

This would qualify in my opinion.

The last deal you posted was arguably better than this deal.

A unicorn deal doesnt mean best deal at a specific time so not sure why it matters what kind of deals are available in the last month. Fact is, people have gotten far better deals on Velars than this one.

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Honcker has better numbers than this… I wouldn’t call it a “unicorn.” So stop trying to be all defensive over it.

Yes have, and just because it’s in the past doesn’t make this deal a unicorn. I don’t think you know what that term means tbh.

It’s a solid deal and everyone here knows that. Stop overselling it and then getting defensive when people call you out for overselling it.

I wouldn’t even call it that… your OWN dealer website has a better deal than that. 690 inc OC tax with just fees/first month upfront (bound to be less than 3k, probably 2300). 61.4k msrp

Here is the link in case you can’t seem to find it:

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(5k/36 is what + 499) X sales tax, please just do the math. Your special is for 7500 miles.

Calm down, everyone. If there are others selling LR deals in SoCal that beat this, then you should post it. Otherwise lets leave this thread be, please.


I like the term solid deal. :unicorn: would be something that is near impossible to replicate and a deal that gives you the FOMO in the pit of your stomach.

Theoretical Examples with $0 DAS
$400 corvette
$400 F Type
$free Chevy Cruze
$1000 maybach

The above is an opinion off course but I think one that is shared by most in the community.


No where near unicorn status, sorry

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“tbh idgaf”
That’s a good way to endear yourself to 1000s of potential customers, even if they are picky.
Some honest feedback for you, just present your deal without the car salesman pitch, it will go over much better.


Great mentality for a new dealer on lease hackr trying to do business I beat Land Rover/jaguar corporate or the dealer owner would be so happy there sales person representing their brand…responding with idgaf :clap: :ok_hand:

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I guess you “dgaf” about getting your clients the best deals. Great way to start off a business on this platform. Take that trashy behavior somewhere else

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