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2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P250 SE R-Dynamic:
MSRP: $111111
Monthly Payment: $111 + tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1,111
Months: 111
Annual Mileage: 1,100
Residual: 1%
Region: CA ONLY

Ethan Smith
Land Rover Mission Viejo
C : 949-922-3550 (text preferred)

RR Velar P250 R-Dynamic SE Lease

Damnnnnnn. I should get in on this


NE has lower demand for LR? Hard to believe…


Socal is the biggest market for LR. We sell Velars like crazy and about half the time with no discount. We don’t discount sports or full-sizes a penny.


Interesting, I’d think the opposite or at least the same.


Now I’m just a lowly country bumpkin legal alien here, but my view is that maybe SoCal folk are happier boasting about how much they paid for their RR whereas New Englanders are happier boasting about how much they saved? maaaaaybe.


I’m not complaining :sunglasses:


Can the Chase Private Client discount be stacked with this deal?


I believe so. I’ll check and edit my post.


Is the car you’re talking about this car?:

‘19 RR Velar P250 SE r dynamic SE

No, that car is a base “S” non R-Dynamic.


bump, updated and fixed pictures


While I agree that it may be more difficult to get a “good deal” in California, with some work (or hiring a broker), you can absolutely get the sales price down to invoice with no marked up money factor and no additional cash down (just drive-offs).


This is an invoice deal with drive-offs.


There is some customer cash or dealer fees baked into the drive-off. It should not be $2786 on a 64k vehicle if the monthly is $668…even as much as the DMV fees are in CA. I am looking at roughly $1900 in drive-offs with a higher monthly. What is the sales price on the car? Are you applying the 2k rebate to the cap cost to adjust the amount financed?


2,000 spring sales rebate is applied on this deal.

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