Sold please delete

Car is sold

Thanks guys


I am from Chicago, i am interesting at this but how this will work since I’ve never done it before.

I would prefer to transfer to someone in SoCal so shipping isn’t involved- but maybe we can discuss over PM.

In regards to how it works: I’ve done a few lease transfers over the years and BMW is typically pretty easy to communicate with over the phone- especially in regards to confirming the details of the lease and the balance of the security deposit which goes to the new owner.

Pending transfer


The car does look sick. Good luck! What’s next?

Not interested in the lease but I want to see more pics haha


Wow, very solid deal on the car, and it’s incredibly beautiful. I’m in SoCal but decided to wait until my current lease is up in Feb. Otherwise I’d take it haha

Agree - more pics. Great color combo.

Awesome car. Is the monthly payment $1074 or $1147? You mention a 1147 in your first post

The lease payment is $1147 but in my post it explains that I am only asking for 7500 MSD and the new owner receives 9100 MSD back- this makes the payment $1074 for the new buyer with zero down- except for the MSD which is sent to the new buyer.

I thought this was kind of a cool batmobile pic


Pics of the Ferrari?

Interested, msg’d you

I’d take it if it was in NJ

Take it and drive it back, or have it shipped.

Standard response from someone who has no intention of taking it lol


Between shipping and driving I have a feeling driving may be cheaper if they can score a cheap flight. Based on lead time for transfer should be enough time to do so. Doable over a long weekend.

If you’re worried about saving a few hundred by driving vs having it shipped, you shouldn’t be leasing this car.


Ding ding ding

Exactly why there’s no intention lol

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Lol. Well yeah.

I think it’d make an awesome cross country drive.