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Hey Folks!

I am working to get more Velar deals this month based on the feedback I have received.

Full Disclosure-This vehicle had minor right side body damage at the port. It was completely repaired by Land Rover UK. It was not in an accident.

Brand New 2019 Range Rover Velar S in Silicon Silver (my favorite color) and 22" Wheels!
36 Months
10K Miles/Year
$2500 Total DAS
$679/Month Plus Tax

Must be signed in person

Loads of options:
Drive Pack
Surround Sound
22" Gloss Black Wheels
Premium Black Exterior Pack
Virtual Instrument Cluster
10 Way Seats with Heated/Cooled Front and Heated Rear

Plus More

$399 Broker Fee


What is the percentage discount please? MF? Rv? Incentives? Would expecting 20% discount be out of the questions?

20% on a Velar is out the question.

All in, this is about 15% off.

Rebate is $2K, the rest is discount. MF is .00169. Residual is 56%.

Looks Great! is it a p250 or p380 model?


380s are priced super high right now