Sold please close thank you!

Yup I had to have a car go through smog too after purchase. Funny how I look back now and realize each time it was different and some of the times I had to do nothing. Welcome to California.

But the main thing with all of the transactions was the paperwork was done beforehand and the car was registered.

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I leased a new car out of state. Brought here to Cali. Just needed a smog and quick inspection at DMV. Then registration.

Anyone want to talk about the car ? :slight_smile:

Would love it if we could!

Shipping LRs to LH members in Pensacola, Seattle, and hopefully Cleveland in the next two weeks. California would open up a wonderful market via LH, especially when you can ship across country for < $1500.

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It’s possible that MA can’t do this because they do not have temporary tags. Therefore, they need to register the car on your behalf, via a runner out of state. Maybe that’s the issue here. Basically, you need to go through these checks and balances before registering, but in MA, you can’t take it off the lot without registering it @Rondtable ? Just a thought? Only speculating.

Nice one with upgraded windsor leather

InControlPro system can be upgraded with new software with Apple CarPlay enabled.

“upgradable” means dealer service department needs to “update” the software to address an “issue” :wink:


Love this tan Windsor

The other one I posted has the red piping on the black Windsor. Love the dynamic pack on these

I’d be al over this or the other one if there was a way to get it to CA. Temp tags or not I think the dealer is being conservative here. Registration or not, if someone has to fly to Boston and sign the paperwork in person they have got to be trustworthy enough to follow through with registering the car (vs exporting it, which I think is the issue).

Anyway sorely bumming out on missing out on what is absolutely an amazing deal!!


Some of the dealers I work with do not require signing in house. This is one of them…

It’s truly just a CA exclusion because of the inspection process. Kills me because i was helping a fellow LH member on the west coast try and work a deal out there, but east coast prices are so much more aggressive on these.

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Actually it’s funny because one of the cars I bought was from Mass. The issue is just a decision of the dealer. The easiest way for the dealer to get around this is to hire a company to do the dmv paperwork for the dealership, which is what the dealer I bought the car from did. In theory the person who gets the car will have to smog and have the vin verified (at the dmv) at a later date after receiving the vehicle in Cali. As I said though this was not always the case as a few times I had to do nothing and everything was good to go.

Good to know! May I ask, was that a cash purchase?

They did say that would be no problem.

Nope it was a NSX lease.

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Oh. Samsonsite…I was way off.

Sold please close!

Customer decided to take the dynamic one instead so this is now available!

Love the Vintage Tan interior!

@Bostoncarconcierge - out of curiosity what is the difference on the dealer end between the “New England” only deals and the all states deals? Just manufacturer franchise rules?

I’ve always wanted a LR but Dallas dealers just roll their eyes at the notion of anything below msrp. You’re consistently posting LR deals. I might reconsider my Sierra Denali idea … (Damned tire kickers!! I’m one of them now!)

Sure! It depends on the dealer I’m working with.

Some require in house signing while others will overnight paperwork and ship.

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