Sold please close - Deal Check: 2019 BMW M850xi Convertible, 950/month, NO MSDS


I have a following deal on M850xi that I negotiated but I found another unit that I will sign.
Let me know if you are interested.
Its too good of a deal to just let it go. I’d rather pass it up to a forum member whos shopping for this car.

2019 BMW M850xI Convertible
MSRP: over 125k

Due at signing: $900 total (doc fee and registration fee)
Monthly payment: 950 + local tax
36/10 lease
+first 2 months covered by BMWFS (please read the details on their website)
Only Caveat is that deal needs to be signed in person which was a deal breaker for me at this time.

PM if interested.
This deal is only available till tomorrow.

(You probably already know this) For both this unit and the one you are signing, the programs are unchanged for May but they have added the payment credits as well for 2 months.

Yes I am aware
The reason why Im saying its available till tmr is because the dealer would honor it til tmr.


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Where is this deal located?

DM only if you are shopping for a vehicle.

Ready to sign this tomorrow if one like this available

Sorry mate.
Ship has sailed long time ago. Probably won’t be seeing a deal like this until next year.

There’s one in the NE that’s a black/fiona red combo that’s ~118k & the dealer is advertising for a ~13k discount, and you may be able to work them a bit more. As it stands, they’re advertising the following with no negotiations:

Payments are all in the mids (~1450, ~1350, ~1250), buy rate MF, etc., and the car has been sitting since September so they appear motivated.

If anyone is interested, I can pass along the info if you want to work on it any further. I’m just not about that color combo.

Car is Sold