Sold, please close: 2019 Audi A5 Coupe P+, $535+tax (w/loyalty), DMV,Doc,Acq+MSDs DAS, 36/10. AudiCare Included

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I was helping someone work this deal, but the logistics didn’t work out. The dealer told me that it’s still available for anyone interested. Bear in mind, Audis don’t lease great, especially the less common ones like this A5 Coupe. But if you’re serious about getting one, this is going at 11% off. 36 and 39 months are identical price wise. Available to anyone in US, I guess. (Btw, if you have a trade-in, this dealer seems to be making decent offers on those, as well. They offered about $1k more than expected on a trade in the original deal. Just FYI)

Includes AudiCare

Please PM me if you’re interested and I’ll work it out. Obviously no fee here bc I’m not a registered business. Just trying to share this if anyone wants.

Having trouble getting it to fit exactly in the Calculator, but here’s the basics:

2019 Audi A5 Coupe Premium Plus
Manhattan Gray ext/black interior
Bang & Olufsen 3D sound
Heated steering wheel, Audi beam rings, natural wood inlays, all weather mats

MSRP: $52,xxx
Selling Price: $46,450 (11% off pre incentives)
Monthly Payment: ~$535ish+tax
Cash Due at Signing: ~$1400(DMV,Doc,Acq)+1st month+ MSDs
MSD: 10 installments = $6000ish
Incentives: $1000 Lease Cash + $750 Loyalty (included)

Months: 36 or 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 00147 before MSD
Residual: 57% (with AudiCare)

Region: NY/NJ/PA/CT/DE/MD. Anywhere really

This’ll end up being about a 1.1% deal, which is great for Audi (in my experience). These are ballpark numbers based on the deal that fell through, so please don’t hold me to the dollar, thank you!

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i’ve found it hard to find dealerships in NJ who would accept MSD’s. is this in NJ? just curious.

This dealer allows MSDs

Just a heads up, you should be able to get more than 11 percent of sticker with a little legwork. Then come share your hack!

Thanks, but this deal isn’t for me, however, if someone was seriously interested, I’d work with them to perhaps get some more discount.

Please close thread, thanks