SOLD OUT 2018 5 Series Specials, SOCAL

Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719

No photos, no additional info, no shipping. Sorry.

SOLD OUT, Thank you guys!

Let me know if you’re interested, pm me or text at (714) 881-2719

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what qualifies for loyalty? Need existing BMW?

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Household in last 12 months

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Can it be owned and not leased?

Yes can be owned.

Any chance of of 530e in white?

I post all my aggressive deals, don’t have any inventory at the moment.

Do you know if the 530e has the ‘Driving Assistance Plus’ package? I know it seems to be a rarer option.

It does not.

Texting you.

Responded! 202020

Any incentive for Lexus leasee?

What do these look like without MSDs or loyalty?

Payment goes up roughly $30/mo if you have a non-BMW vehicle in household (as $2k for loyalty decreases to $1k for conquest). No MSDs raise payments another $30/mo as well. So total of roughly $60/mo more for no MSDs, no Loyalty.

Ignore 20202020

I think @Sy8818 was asking if a current Lexus leasee qualifies for conquest.

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@Jon Thanks for the clarification! Sorry, busy day. @Sy8818 Yes, Lexus would qualify for conquest, but since conquest credit is a tad less than loyalty, payments would effectively go up $30/mo for each special.

Hackers don’t forget to factor in the carpool sticker and the government rebates both Fed and State!

Hey @Alex Does this qualify for $4,500 in Fed Rebate? That would make it smoking hot.

Lessees can’t claim the federal EV tax credit, and the $1,500 CVRP for plug-in hybrids is not available to previously registered vehicles. You might be eligible for SCE’s $1,000 rebate if that’s your utility company, however.