Sold one to VROOM!



My payoff amount is $13000, Vroom offered $11000. 2015 Honda Civic EX. Well, I guess I should be glad I’m leasing :slight_smile:


2017 Infiniti Q60 RS RWD, MSRP: $56,700
16,500 miles

Payoff is: $41,600
VROOM offer: $36,500

I’ll pass…


They offered my daughter $12000 for her '15 Civic EX with 51K miles on it. We’re almost there.


They called me this morning and gave me a higher offer. Still not worth it for me.


Got offered 35.6k on a 2016 x5 xdrive35i m-sport with 25k miles. Carvana offered 29.8k. Original MSRP of 69k, purchased for 64.5k OTD in Dec ‘15. Current payoff is 20k and some change. Debating if I should sell and pocket the 15k considering the truck has a rear-end collision on its Carfax AND needs new tires (1200-1800 per set). New G05 X5 will be hitting dealers soon which would further accelerate the already heavy depreciation hit I’ve taken.

What do you fellow hackers think I should do… Sell now or hold for another year or so?


Of course sell lol…


Sell, sell, sell!!!


It’s your choice but nothing is going to exceed the hit you’ve already taken (and will take on the next brand new X5 if that’s what you’re going for)…


Thanks! Interesting, I got 11k for 2015 Civic EX with 35k. I guess I was way to conservative with condition estimates (selected “Good” in all their questions, not “Excellent”). Or I have some regional adjustment. Anyway, looks like I’ll be turning it in to Honda and paying a disposition fee.


how does it work if I sorta scratched and scraped my bumper (you have to get close too tell within 1 feet)


Never used these services before so let me just figure this out .

Trying to unload a 2015 pathfinder in 2 months .

I’ll be over lease mileage plus I’m going to have to pay to turn it back in . (Not leasing another Nissan or purchasing it )

Should I just weight the cost of vroom/Carvana/ Carmax vs returning the vehicle and take the smallest hit possible ?


Not sure about Vroom, but I just sold a car to Carvana. The inspection lasted about 30 seconds. Basically the driver walked around the car once, started it up, verified mileage, and handed me a check.


what are you guys’s thoughts on wear and tear?
im not the best driver. I crashed the model 3 Tesla into a curb on a test drive but im a good suv/ truck / lifted car driver.
except I already backed my encore into a pole and theres barely a dent


That’s not wear and tear.


What’s considered wear and tear? So I’m just wasting money on wear and tear insurance??


I leased an Audi and their wear and tear cover small dents and scratches FWIW.


Sold my 2016 Bmw M3 with 3 months left on lease for about $500 negative equity from payoff. It saved me from changing the tires so I think I made out. Took 3 weeks in total from quote to pick up. Fairly smooth transaction but they are legit!


Do they come to your home to pick up the vehicle?


Vroom contracts a carrier and they perform a visual inspection on shipping form. I met the carrier in front of parking lot. It took 10 days to get one because their bid was low so they raised their bid to get it out of my garage.

Negative-I had to call a couple times to get status updates. You have to pull information from them versus them giving you updates.

Positives-There were no other required inspections made by Vroom until they receive it. Since I have not heard from them since sale then everything went well. I claimed fair conditions even though it was clean so the amount may have been less. I called to have them adjust because initial amount was $300 less so they bridged the gap a little.

I highly recommend this sale if you want out on lease towards the end of lease such as tire change or minor repair paint issues. I don’t want to deal with craigslist.


Slomo- Did you have equity on the vehicle? If so, how long did it take you to receive payment?