Sold one to VROOM!



I think you have found the makings of a new cottage industry. Scour the country for amazing deals on loaners for which Vroom will pay higher than the purchase price. Now if you could find a way to just be a broker between Vroom and the dealer and skim a % of the profit off the top, you could rinse and repeat over and over without the overhead of having to take ownership yourself.


They know where the car is, I entered the VIN :smile:
But I have no idea how much Volvo dealers discount their demo/loaners.


The tricky part is the incentives are usually for retail buyers and not other dealers/wholesalers.


not lease related but my mom gave me the task of selling her old 2007 avalon. Dealer only offered 3k and carvana offered 3971. Vroom offered $4800 :slight_smile:


This may have been answered before, but…how does VROOM make any money? or is this another Moviepass style business model?


I would like to think as a startup they would need to collect a huge inventory before they could start scaling back on offers so they can beat Carvana and Carmax, so losing out at first to create presence would be their strategy


Why would they want a 2007 Avalon for their inventory? Or offer that much for a car headed to wholesale auction?


Sounds like another Beepi (spoiler alert: they went bust).


I tried my jeep three times over last month. Everytime offer was different. Lowest was 26,800 and highest was 29,980. Should have taken the highest offer. Close to my payout i believe and hunt for something else.


They just offered me 6k more than they did last month lol


If you get multiple offers can you only take the most recent?


Limited to 10 days or 250 miles i think.


Why does Vroom ask my expected offer price (but it’s optional)? Oddly enough, their offer came in at that exact figure (15K). Is that just a coincidence?


Because they can pocket a couple of grand this way? :slight_smile:


What car??? I might run numbers for my car again lol


And get more amazon gc’s lolll


2017 BMW 530xi

Payoff is 43900. They offered me 42900. I’m taking it.


How do these companies make money again?


No idea… but as long as they pay me for my car before they go out of business… I’m in lol


not sure I would think it would go to wholesale. the offer was at the high end of trade in value - it was a fully loaded limited