SOLD - No longer Available

This car is no longer available. Thank you for your interest!

Original MSRP of $43k. I think you’ll have a tough time moving this here as it isn’t that strong of a deal. Swaplease is probably a better option, but good luck!

I’d wait it out for a few days on Craigslist to see if there are any suckers who’ll take it despite the mileage. But if it doesn’t get a lot of interest, you’ll have to re-evaluate.

Realistically, I imagine you’re probably going to have to tack on at least another $1k incentive because that’s a very low mileage lease.

Thanks for the feedback. I have increased the incentive to $3,000.

Make sure to update the body of your post to reflect that and the new payment.

How are you getting an effective monthly of $225+tax? Your post is very confusing.

Jon- Sorry, my math was off by 1 month. The calculation is: $3,000 / 16 (remaining payments) = $187.50 (incentive per month).

Hi I’m interested but located in SoCal, would you be willing to arrange shipping or some sort of way to get the car down here?

I would leave it to the buyer to arrange shipping for the car. The cost would be about $300 and I can even recommend a transporter I’ve used in the past. I am happy to deliver the car to your carrier when they meet me to pick it up.

Your post says 16 months remaining