SOLD- No longer available

Car is SOLD 2020202020202020

~5.8% off MSRP on an outdated model is an insane deal?


Always be selling, I guess.

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Wasn’t sure if this was for real or something that should have been in worse lease deals thread.

Update- car is sold

And for real, I feel like nobody on this forum took away anything from this quote from kindergarten

“If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all”

I mean no harm to anybody on this forum. If you don’t think it’s a good deal, don’t take it.

Simple as that!

The residual is good. MF isn’t too high. With reasonable discounts, these 2017 Rovers could make decent leases for those OK with $800+ payments such as @Phantomcypher.

You should amend title to say “Relatively Insane”. We were baited into thinking it was great on its face.

Please open your eyes and see what passes for an insane deal on this forum before unnecessary posts.


Great customer service telling buyers to open their eyes


I wouldn’t respond to people like this on these forums. Also, this is the typical brooklyn broker talk, belittling potential customers (not the best way to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie)

BTW, I’ve seen 900 + tax on a range rover diesel as an advertised special. Again 0 down. There is at least 1,500 in it for you in this deal.


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Is that residual for real? don’t RR’s used prices fall like a rock, diesel or not? (not that it matters, it’s the finance company who is going to take the fleecing)

Land Rovers hold value very well.

This seems like a big body Range Rover, not a Range Rover Sport. If so, this IS a pretty good deal.

@elegantautoleasing you are a funny man sir. “Insane deal”. Sir, I am hearing snippets of our dear great supreme leader Trump +)

It’s the best ever. The greatest!