**SOLD** NEW 2018 BMW 320i - $243 + Tax w/only drive offs DAS - BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!


Stock #: D181669

2018 BMW 320i
18" Sport Wheels, Black Grilles and Heated Seats (has a great look!)

MSRP: $36,790
Monthly Payment: $269 plus tax $243 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2273 (acq, doc, lic, 1st pmt, up front tax)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00182
Residual: 60%
Available Incentives: Includes $4k Lease Credit, $1k Loyalty
Region: So Cal
Leasehackr Score: 12.2
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator: Click Here

Due to the unique nature of this deal, we will NOT be able to add USAA or OL Code if you have them. The only additional incentives that may be added would be College Grad Rebate and/or MSD’s if you have a BMW lease with MSD’s that you will be turning in at the same time.

If you would like to secure this car please email me directly to make an appointment. At that time I will email you back a link to our internal credit application and the first person to complete that process will have first right at the vehicle. Do NOT send me a PM for this deal since I will be off the forums and only watching my email!

Thanks as always to the great people in this community!

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor


This deal is back and enhanced from $269+Tax to $243+Tax for the Black Friday Sales Event!!

Please email me directly if you’re interested in this 320i or any car from our inventory!

Dave Townsend


What is the breakdown of the $2273 due at signing ?

Acquisition Fee $925
License $432
Doc Fee $80
Upfront Tax $570
1st Payment $266

This of course assumes a 7.75% tax rate. Would be slightly higher for LA County. Someone is here and I’m pretty sure they’re taking it home but if they do I will post a backup tonight or tomorrow.

Just know that I’ve had 6 emails so far and one of those prospective customers has also submitted credit already. The clients that are looking at the car now were a random walk-in.

I may be able to get very close to this deal on the next few 320’s in stock (in order of MSRP) so please reach out if you still want to get a great deal!

Emailed you.

It’s so dark you can’t even tell if it has the Msport package or not :joy:

Just curious - why is there upfront tax as well as tax on the monthly amount? Is the upfront tax from incentives or something?

I thought California only had monthly tax nothing upfront.

No M Sport on the 320i. It has the same wheels though as a 320i with Sport Package.

There’s upfront tax on all cap reduction (rebates) and then monthly tax on the payment.

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This car is no longer available but I may be able to replicate the deal on another car in stock. So please email me if you’re interested in a BMW at this payment.

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Not sure “only drive offs” include tax of the rebate “typically” but it’s fine as long as it’s disclosed . Good deal nonetheless .

I was advertising for you lol. You know how I am with the Msport package on your previous deals. I was referring to as this car is so dark you can’t even see the Msport package even if it had it haha.

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