Sold my Audi a4 break even (financing) Looking to lease Audi a6, BMW x5, BMW 5. Should I wait?

Looking to lease a BMW x5, BMW serial 5 or Audi a6.

I have issue wanting very well equipped cars only.

For example my MSRP on X5 is 73k, MSRP on Serial 5 is 65k…

Couldn’t really find a deal because of Market shortage and on top of that Virginia taxes are killing me.

Should I wait?

Any suggestions will be very welcomed (Loaner, wait etc)

The market is rough right now. If you can wait, wait.

I’d wait. Unless you’re willing to compromise for a Jeep GC L limited or something through a broker.

Just be aware of potential for dropped specs. Just read on the other forum how audi q5 etron dropped 360 camera as an option regardless of a trim, just not available anymore.

Audi doesn’t make a q5 etron. Are you referring to the e-tron, q4 e-tron, or q5e?

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Sorry, typo. Of course, q4 etron.