SOLD [Lease Transfer] 2018 Fusion Hybrid SE Tech Package/ 211 including tax/month after incentive for 13 months

I have a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
I have 13 payments left. I signed up for 16,500 miles a year but no longer commuting. Just bought a Ford Ranger!
Payments are 287.75 for 13 months. $1000 dollar incentive to take over! Fusion only has 13,100 miles. I signed up for 33k lease end. Roughly 20k miles remain. About 1500 miles per month. Pm me for any more info.

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Deleted wrong place

updated…new incentive

Include or link to window sticker?

Is it still available ?

Yes, still available

Added window sticker to the post

Yes still available

Where are you located?

30 miles north of Sacramento

SOLD no longer available