Sold. Lease Transfer: 2015 Mercedes C300 $341

Got a 2015 Mercedes C300 Lease I’m looking at transferring. Msrp was roughly 48k, monthly is 340.79. I’ve got 14 months remaining with roughly 10k miles left, so good for someone who drives fewer miles.

Color is iridium silver with black mb tex interior. Located in Tampa.

Deal is contingent on me picking up a new car (hopefully next few days) so please pm me if interested or want pictures!

For any interested, here’s the link to the posting on swapalease with pictures. Of course if you’re interested just PM me here so you don’t have to payy the fee on swapalease!

initially, how long was the lease for? 2 years? 3 years?
initially, how many miles per year?
at the beginning of the lease, was the car new? how many miles did it have to start with?

It’s a 36m/10K lease. The car was “new” at the beginning but was technically a loaner car with roughly 8,500 miles on it (hence the low payment with nothing put down).

Mileage at turn in (to avoid going over) is 38,595 and I currently have about 29,000 miles on the car. Extra miles can be added for $0.20/mile through Mercedes Financial or the overage is charged (if any) at $0.25/mile at lease turn in.

Keep in mind that MB offers 2-4 month pull aheads often. For example, if you decide to lease another Mercedes, you may be able to turn the car in around Nov/Dec next year avoiding any mileage overage.

Only 9K miles left, it is used + ex-service loaner, 2 year old car, plus a $799 turn in fee? $341 is a bad price, should be at the very most $300 but really around ~$250

I’d be willing to provide an incentive to get it under 300. 250 is a bit of a stretch though. Normal conditions would warrant new tires for the transferee but in this case it has new tires. With an $800 incentive this lease is effectively 280 minus the turn in fee, which is avoided if the transferee leases another MB.

280/month for a C300, non base isn’t bad I feel.

2015 or 2017? Swap a lease says 2017.

It’s a 15. The rep with swap a lease made a mistake on Friday when I listed it. Gotta call tomorrow to fix it.

How likely is it that someone assuming your lease is going to move into another MB lease at turn in? Anybody on this forum will factor that cost into their evaluation. You might find someone on SaL that is focusing exclusively on the monthly nut and is clueless on the $799 turn-in “tax”, but I doubt it.

The new tires are a bonus, but people are going to have difficulty with the miles left and will also factor in having to buy extra miles. $250 is probably about right IMHO.

Sold. Gave the person a $400 incentive, 150 of which was to cover service A in the next month or two.

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can you let us know how the process worked with lease transfer for Mercedes?

How long did it take?

Was it mostly done electronically? etc

Appears to be mostly electronic. I emailed them the credit app Monday evening, they were approved Tuesday before noon. Waiting on mb to email me the transfer docs which we both sign and send back via email. Once that’s processed, they said 5 days to receive registration info via mail for her to take to the dmv. So sounds like it’ll take 7-10 business days from application to delivery.

@chiefnwa1993 so you never had to send any physical hand-signed documents to Mercedes? The only time regular mail was used is to the person taking over the lease for DMV purposes? Did i understand that correctly?

Also, does MB have a website to do the application or do they send you a form by email and you fill it out, scan it and send it back?

Just curious to see the difference between MB and BMW.

The transfer is still in process but it seems the initial docs will be by email. Once they process that it sounds like mbfs physically mails the transferee the docs to take to the dmv to process the title transfer. That’s what I’ve gathered from it, but I’ll be sure to update this thread next week once its all said and done.

On my account with mercedes financial, there was a link for “lease transfer”. All I did was enter their email address and it sent then the online credit app. I don’t believe there’s a status tracking website or anything of that nature.

thank you, please keep us updated. BMW is done mostly electronically through their website but at the end you have to mail in an original signature, both parties. They also mail the physical documents to take to DMV. If you pay for overnight FedEx you can do a lease transfer in under a week (i’ve done in in 5 days, started monday and done on friday) so it’s interesting to know how the competition does it and how long they take.