[ SOLD! ]: Lease Takeover - 2017 Mercedes C300 4Matic w/ P3 - $291 incl Seattle Tax, $4000 DAS ($3500 MSD refunded) + Transfer Fee - PNW

Considering flipping my hacked C300 loaner to make my wife happy. Right payment, wrong car, happy wife/happy life etc etc. I know this is nuts and that’s why I’m gauging interest. Vehicle is located in Seattle suburbs, and I’d prefer to do a local transaction without shipping.

This is a loaded car - Black/Black MB Tex, P3, Sport Package, 19" AMG Wheels, Automatic Rear Sunshade, Heated Steering Wheel, Door Logo Projectors, etc.

The reason I want $500 on top of the MSD and Transfer fee is because I’ve already paid 1 year of tabs in WA. On lease transfers, they’ll credit most of that to your registration during the lease transfer. So you’ll only owe 4 months of tabs when you register the car in WA.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Mercedes C300 4Matic Sport
MSRP: $54,150
Monthly Payment: $291 (including Shoreline WA Tax at 10.3% on the monthly payment)
Drive-Off Amount: $4000 + Transfer Fee of $595 or $695 ($3500 will be refunded as MSD)
Months: 20 months remaining - Lease Matures January 2020
Annual Mileage: 10k/year (currently has just under 7100 miles, total allowed is 25,640)
MF: .00129 (before MSD)
Residual: $35,211
Available Incentives: N/A
Location: Seattle, WA

UPDATE: I’ve also posted this locally on Craigslist. Willing to use Escrow.com to facilitate the transfer of the $4000 to be paid to me, for everyone’s comfort.

Tell me why this is terrible :slight_smile:


Bad deal, you are barely discounting for seat fart depreciation!

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So why does she want you to get rid of it? And what does she insist the replacement vehicle will be?

What was the original lease term? Do you have prepaid maintenance or wear/tear?

I’ll have you know only the finest gas was passed in this car.

She’d like me to get a new hobby. I believe. And preferably something less flashy. Basically she doesn’t like Mercedes for no good reason. To her Audi and BMW are less flashy.

I can post a link to the original terms. No wear and tear and no prepaid maintenance. Service A was done already by the dealer. Service B towards end of this year, so probably will be able to avoid another Service A.

In his defense, KBB hasn’t integrated that into adjustments yet. He doesn’t have a baseline


I could understand if she said Acura, Lexus or Volvo are less flashy than MB, but I put Audi and BMW in the same class as MB.

I’m waiting for my wife to say the same thing about a different hobby. But the way to get around that is make your final vehicle an Infiniti or a Volvo and you are stuck with it for duration of lease.

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Yeah. I’m using it as an opportunity, if I end up transferring it, to get something with a stick. Looking closely at an Accord Sport 2.0T.

It makes my soul cry a little to go from an MB to an Accord, but I can justify it because there aren’t many family size cars that will easily swallow a convertible car seat and allow me to row my own gears.

Sad thing is, a lease on that much less expensive Accord is going to be worse than the MB.

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Yeah. Probably would just buy it.

Other thing I’m looking at is a Forester XT Touring.

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I sense you crying inside a little bit moving from a MB to these options.

Happy wife, happy life

It’s ok. I’ve made far stupider decisions in my life. At least with this one I get the satisfaction of knowing I really stuck it to the dealer and that someone else will get to enjoy it who might not have otherwise.

Don’t forget about the satisfaction knowing she won’t castrate you and shut you off :grin:

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For now…LOL


I have to agree with his wife. Audi is not flashy at all but still feels very luxury, neither is 3 series. Just think about night star, and projected MB logos :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s a guy here who will tell you how everyone puts 9k down when they lease Accords. :wink:

[Well, maybe he’s not on here anymore but I hear you can find him on Accord forums and he speaks very very highly of us…]


Yeah but, IMO, the CLA is fake flash. At my local MB dealer, when I had an MB, you would see people think they were the hottest crap ever, and are driving a base CLA.

We get it… you went for the CLA instead of the mid-grade camry.


Also for some reason, I HATE, the illuminated star, but love the illuminated Lincoln logo on the navigator. Just my .02


At least by posting this thread I can say I made an effort.

That’ll suffice for now. Unless she sees the comments…


CLA doesn’t count - as a real MB, nor as anywhere near luxury.