Sold Acura back to acura dealer

4 months left on my Acura lease. I ordered a Tesla because of the crazy gas prices in California and I can feel the market is returning to normal I hope to take advantage of this last bubble. It’s a 2020 TLX A-Spec. The original MSRP was $43795. The deal was $1200 DAS, $420/month for 7500 miles/year. I drive way over the miles limit. The current payoff was $24375. I shopped around and got quotes from 2 honda dealers and 2 Acura dealers. The worst offer I got was $27500. Every salesman just said the used car market was going down now. I ended up selling the car to the highest bidder, an Acura dealer. Walk away with a $7000 check.


Congrats! Enjoy the new Tesla!

Awesome congrats! I’m also in California. I have a 2020 RDX. I have 2 months left and payoff is just above 24k also. Mileage was 10k per year and I’m barely at 15k miles on it total. Can you PM me which Acura dealership? I would also like to get something back from this car I hardly used and is in perfect condition. Thank you!

Well done! Great to hear people still making some money in this market. What did you get to replace it until the tesla comes?

Same- had (4) payments left on my 2020 Base TLX, which I was paying $335/month with zero down. Didn’t need the car anymore (number of cars at our house now exceeds the number of drivers)…so yes, bailed on it now to my local Acura dealership and netted $6,300.00. Initial quote would have cleared me $6,700.00 but was told b/c of disposition fee and the need for new tires, $6,300 was the amount. Crazy that I hit both extremes (low lease then equity back)

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Just a rental corolla for 2 weeks.

So what is your anticipated TCO with the new Tesla versus what you would’ve had with a traditional gas car? How many years to reach the break even point?

If you’re unable to readily answer those questions, saying “I bought a Tesla because of the gas prices” is about as irrelevant as tits on a bull.

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Why you gotta rain on his parade? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The parade could be an illusion.


The high gas prices in California today are a major reason for me to replace my Tesla, but of course, there are other reasons, more intelligent car system, and impressive acceleration. In today’s bad lease market, I think choosing Tesla is the best choice for me. For me cars are expendable and I don’t care about the impact of TCO on my budget.