{SOLD}2018 BMW 320iXDrive 282 p/Mo, 900 DAS + transfer fee (20 months left) 1st payment covered~ 850 miles per month

Straight forward
950 DAS + Transfer fee (500)
Payment **282/mo
Current mileage: 5117
850 miles per month
Turn in : 22696 (April 12 2021)
I will make the payment for August so you would have one month free( without a payment on the car)
Buy out: $28,613
Need to transfer immediatley
Car is in Good condition and will have it washed before you pick it up

Keep in mind this is my daily car so I drive around 15 miles a day in it. I would stop driving once stage 2 bmwfs is completed because I will be leasing another car.

Any questions feel free to contact me: 2017558065
Email: noorhasan1@gmail.com
(serious inquiries only please want to get credit app done today)
Location: North New Jersey but can transfer to any state.

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Deal is now Active.


@admin please re Open

Some more pics

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The picture shows a 530i. Am I missing something?

Don’t know what your seeing… it’s a 3 series
Can you screenshot it so I can see

Just took another look and the 3 looked a lot like the 5 so apologies. My mistake.
Can you please text me back?

Here is the breakdown for mileage etc…

Currently 5k miles on car

Need to transfer immediatley trying to get credit pp some tommorow morning

If credit app can be done tommorow, I can move it down to 900 to me and 282 per month

$50 whole dollars discount? Sign me up.

Lol even 950 DAS is a pretty decent deal

Plus I’m making a payment on Aug 13th so that the next payment would be Sept 13th

@Jon Pending

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Re opened due to credit app