[SOLD] 2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE, 12/18K left, $232.xx + TX [SOLD]

2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE, FWD, Auto.
SOLD. Thank you LH

I’m interested. Can you please PM me?

Please PM Him @alan . “PM Me” posts are not allowed per site rules.


Looks like there’s over 1,500 miles/month left. That’s probably a huge selling point for those that need higher miles. I would recommend adding that to the title if you can, might get you additional interest.

Good luck with the trade!

Updated and thank you.

Please PM me as I am local and my wife is very interested!

PM Him instead. “PM Me” posts are not allowed per site rules.

I send you a PM about this as I’m very interested! Thanks.

Sweet deal for anyone interested, Its an amazing day when one manages to bring home a 18k/yr lease down on an SUV to this price level.


Plus still in warranty, something that is hard to manage with a high mileage lease, especially a takeover. Also something people often forget!

Let any of Trusteds know if need to re-open

@eddieman, please change your title…it still lists “transfer pending”