Solar Hackr '22

What’s the likelihood these days that one can beat the April NEM deadline, given the mad rush? Reading reviews, seems like some are better than others at timeliness and communication. Would be an issue if you got strung along and then missed out.

All you need to do to beat the NEM deadline is submit your application. Don’t even need permits approved.

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Anyone has done solar in Dallas Texas area?
Any recommendations?

We are in the process now. The installer submitted permits for approval and same day submitted application to the power company.


Should be doable, turn around is about 30-60 days from documents to installation to PTO (permission to operate) in California.

Some states will have same day permits like Nevada and others. (Really rare case I’ve had customers get installed the following day, think my record is 14 hour turn around in Las Vegas).

Updated service areas for those asking.

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  • Tesla doesn’t serve my area anymore. It was definitely the cheapest, not sure how good it was.

  • Is Ikea a good option to check? (I think they use sunpower.)

  • Lowest quote I got is $2.55/W (360W panels, REC TwinPeak 4 Black Series REC360TP4 Black) and highest 3.05/W (400W panels, Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10+ 400) . This is before the fed credit.

I used your link, thanks!

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Any links for NY tri state area?

Theres really no reason to get the “Ferrari” 360+ watt panels or stronger as you’ll be overpaying so much you’ll wish you leased a telluride and palisade :slight_smile:

@cyak Does this still apply 2 years later? I’m starting to get quotes and this is the first panel I was provided a quote for:

Trina Solar Vertex S 390 | EnergySage

yes this always applies…

always better to go for the bang for buck middle of the pack over a panel thats 10-20 watts more and 1% more output, because the ADM usually is .25-40 cents ppw (ouch). Spending 10-20% more for 1% more doesnt generally make logical sense.

On my own home I would put the 350-400w middle tier panels over any high end expensive model. The middle tiers are generally just as good as the high end models and it becomes splitting hairs at 1-2% more, these days almost every panel is HE (high efficiency) monocrystalline black on black.

Any recommendations for installers in MA? I am currently working with Critical Mass and Revision Energy for an initial quote. A few neighbors have gone with Critical Mass. They have a 25 year warranty on panels and inverters, along with a 10 year warranty on roof penetration. I will share more info once I have an update.