SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Cody, link please!


Hi there!
Can I get a link too please? Thanks!


I’m still on vacation but here is what will be available for Black Friday. I am out of town and will update the link Friday morning. The leases on corolla, Tacoma, and Mirai will decrease! :crazy_face:

Highlander won’t see improvement as the MF is better than using the rebate.


New link, please. Thank you.


I guess the embargo on the 2019 RAV4 reviews was lifted today as I got a bunch of vids in my youtube viewing list. Looks like an enormous improvement. Surprised that it’s a bit smaller (but better packaged)

You guys aren’t going to be able to get these in fast enough. For better or for worse, it seems to hit exactly what the market wants right now.


Hi, can I get the link please


Dam . Nothing extra on the Camry o well. Gotta be patient.


Yep no Camry :frowning: but I’m surprised that they picked more than one vehicle to add special. Not typical for toyota.


Finally back in town. Updating the spreadsheet for Black Friday. Deals will be Friday - Monday.

Look for Tacoma, Corolla, and MIRAI :smile:


Hi Cody
Can I have the updated link please?


Pricing is all up to date. The Tacoma 4x2 2019s look very good. Let me know if you need the link.

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We are good to GO on Replace Your Ride! We finally are added to the Website.



Could I get the link please?

Thank you!!


Can I get a new link please?


Can you send the link as well. Thank you


Link please


Link please. Thanks


Interested in the list. Thanks.


Sent. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Ok back to the Real World! Vacation is over. Black Friday specials are on Tacoma, Corolla, and Mirai. They are good through Monday. Link is already up to date.
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