SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



Hey man , doing the same … looking for link .


Pm link please


Yes it looks good. But we still will have a hard time selling the Avalon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s nice to see that Toyota did a little more than just cosmetic. Is some frame stiffening bars and new struts and exhaust.


Sent everyone the link.

Tomorrow I will be heading out for my trip. I’ll check 1-2 times a day to send out the link. Cell service isn’t the best in the desert.

My partner will be checking my emails and voicemail as well


Link please. Thanks!


Can I get the link please. Thanks


Can I get the new link as well?


Okay, about time starting to hunt for a Toyota Sienna 2018 or 2019! Looking for a link as well to help get started I suppose … thanks Cody!


Link please! thank you in advanced!


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Please share the link


Hi Cody,

Do you have a tacoma 4x2 with leather? 2018 or 2019. . Thanks.


Yes 2019 sport or off-road


Please send a link my way.


Link please


Hi Cody, I am looking for a fuel efficient sedan for daily commute - what are best deals I can get? Note: I have credit score of 720+


Nov Link please


Please send me the link


Please send me a link


Please send me the link as well. Thank you!