SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers




New link please


link please :slight_smile:


I like this angle, but I still think the grille design is getting crazier with each new model. I wonder if it’ll be enough to hold back sedanpocalypse ?



It’s a corolla. They sell no matter what. The hybrid is great. Wonder what mpg will be


Cody, is the blind spot monitor standard on all 2019 Rav4s?


I’ll have to look into it. I haven’t been assigned any LE yet and there really isn’t any info on it yet.


I’m back in the office today only. Then on vacation Thru thanksgiving. I’ll have limited cell service out in the desert. My Partner will be checking my emails. Full disclosure: he’s a little newer so he might take a minute to get you what you need. I’m training him on US BANK today.

Here’s my toy I’ll be out with. Doesn’t quite fit the trophy garage criteria


Have a 2019 Tacoma SR5 Cement 4x2 that needs to go away. Normally the Cement Color go for more BUT… traded for this one and the guy flaked. Msg me about this one. It won’t be on the link.


USBank Tundra deals are making me considering dumping my 330e right away … :joy_cat:


For sure. I got rid of my tundra 2 months ago. Told my wife I was gonna wait 2 years for another one but I’m Tempted


You weren’t joking. :joy:


It’s proven that LH is the leading cause of CARADD


Hi. Can I have the link please?


In Arizona so found a 2018 Camry SE convenience package MSRP 29874 sale price 24907 and total with tax and fees 27871. MF .00014 and residual $15534. $0 due and tax title rolled into monthly $365 with 8% Az tax. 36 months, 12k miles. First time leasing toyotas, Good deal?


Link Please :slight_smile:


Link as well. Thanks!


I think Toyota will be fine, they sell 300k+ Corollas a year. They ain’t going anywhere.


Hi There,

Can I get the link please? I am interested in a Prius prime. Thank you!


I kinda think they’re doing a great job with styling at the moment too. I know its all subjective, but it’s nice to have something different on roads. Plus look! a TRD Avalon! Looks amazing I think! (not front on) but ooooh