SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Website is back up and rolling. The discounts might not display till you click into the specific vehicle until you click into it.

Payments are accurate from main screen. :saluting_face:

Prius Stop Sale
Grand Highlander Stop Sale


Website is finally up and rolling correctly. Showing 698 units available between ground and transit. :slight_smile:

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Tacomas have an attractive price again!


is there any special going on for Mirai lease? I’m in nor-cal, but just wondering about the specials.

Toyota really doesn’t want to lease them. The lease is like 800-1k. All the incentives are on purchase unfortunately

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When are the next allocations update? Hoping for Bronze Oxide Tacoma hybrids or Trailhunter at MSRP (wishful thinking).

Next round of allocations is thursday

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