SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

We sold out of 2023 a couple months ago. Onto 2024 discount is good just not the same rebate as 2023

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Hi Cody,
Is there any RAV4 Hydrid woodland edition in white arriving this month?

We currently only have green in transit

@Cody_Carter do you have any rav4 hybrids?

Yes we have a decent amount in stock.

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@Cody_Carter a random qs.

How would you describe the ride quality of the new tacoma to the last one. I had leased a 2019 from you and it had a pretty bouncy ride. Is the 2024 significantly better? Also what rides better the 2024 tacoma or tundra.

Honestly I have been so busy I have yet to drive one. But I will try to drive one tomorrow.

Any deals on Camrys

Yes pricing is posted.

What’s the tax rate that is being applied to all the deals?

It defaults to our city. You will need to put your zip code in as CA taxes you based on your buyers city.

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I’ve been seriously looking at a 5Gen 4Runner but holding off in part to see what they did with 6Gen.

This clearly looks like 4Runner- I think they did a decent job on the styling. Perhaps the side profile looks a bit too much like a RAV4.

I’m not crazy about the shift to hybrid and turbo 4 popper but I know that was largely out of Toyota’s hands due to regulations. I’m not off-roady enough to comment on the technical performance side.

The deal killer for me though is the rear legroom. Like the new Tacoma this is going to be really, really tight in the back seat. Look at how small the rear door is. I was hoping they would stretch the rear a bit compared to the new Tacoma but looks like that did not happen. The Tacoma has almost 5 inches less combine legroom compared to 5Gen 4Runner (5Gen Front 41.7/Rear 38.6 = Combine 80.3, 24 Taco Front 41.8/Rear 33.7 = Combine 75.5)

I wonder if that is part of the strategy to give an advantage to the Land Cruiser. Make the Land Cruiser interior slightly larger to allow adults to sit in the back. Hard to tell from the specs because what Toyota has posted makes no sense. They say for the Land Cruiser Front 33.0/Rear 26.7 = Combine 59.7! That can’t be correct- that is less legroom than a Corolla by almost a foot and a half. I haven’t seen a Land Cruiser in person yet to sit in one.

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Hey Cody!

I was catching up on the work you’ve done over the past few years. It’s very impressive!

I’m in the market for leasing a 2024 RAV4 XLE Hybrid. Do you have any deals?

Thank you!

Here is a link to pricing and availability.

What’s the MF on the highlander limited and platinum deals you have?

is the bZ4X pricing accurate?

Just saw the Doug Demuro review, it’s very tight back there, especially for tall people.

Also surprised there’s no pano roof or removable roof.

.0028 is the MF on all Credit Union Leases

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It will take a day or so for pricing to update online.