SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Just for fun I added the Land Cruiser. You’re Welcome

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Link please

link please

How come they lease so awfully?! :disappointed_relieved:


They don’t really want to lease the land cruiser I guess

“wow land cruisers don’t lease well”


I guess they don’t want to lease Hylander Hybrids either :cry:

Nope… but us bank is a little better on those

Can you PM me the link please

Link please

Would like a link please. Thank you

Not anyone here but I’ve seen this scenario A LOT. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mirais flying out the door. 8 this weekend. This photo is part of a 4 car company deal. They are all about the white interior


Hi Cody, Can you send the link please? I’m interested in a 2019 RAV4 Hybrid AWD, probably Limited but open. Thanks.

Limited hybrid is still in transit. No incentives from TFS

Link please

There is a chance that the link will be going down… Store is Downgrading (My Opinion) to Outlook and transferring everything to One Drive. Trying to get them to hold off till end of month.

Just FYI

Can I get the link please? Interested in a Corolla hatch.

Final Tacoma Blow Out for March
My Last before Vacation. Last truck lasted 30 minutes.

Deal is posted in the link

SR5 Tacoma 4Cyl Black Double Cab

A white interior is a ‘brave’ choice for a company car surely? It does look great tho!