SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



No idea what Toyota is trying to convey with that front. Sorry.


Hi Cody - Can I get a link for 2018/2019 Highlanders? Ideally SE trim.


hi cody,
can you send me an updated link? ty


@Cody_Carter link please


updated link please. thanks Cody


Hopefully buying a truck this weekend in SO Cal. Please send link… many thanks.


Please send most updated link. Much appreciated.


Truck deals are great. Let me know if there are questions


I have one remaining 2018 XLE Camry V6 that I am going to add to link. No special MF so it might be better with USB and the huge discount. Look out for it at 11 when I get in. :wink:


Please send most updated link. Thanks.


Can I have the link please?


Last 2 days of the year… Here we go. :slight_smile:
Only need 9.5 more units

Tacomas and Tundras seem to be the Hot items at the moment.

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text


Link please. Looking for trucks.


Link Please, Thanks!!


send link please


Please share your link!


Quick question hopefully you can answer for me. I finally found a Toyota dealer that will use us bank here in Florida, but they are telling me that I won’t get the rebate? Who is giving the rebate, us bank or Toyota? Cause most the rebates I do read say “must finance through Toyota financial”, but I see that you offer it on your deals.

Thanks in advance for any help you could give!


Depends on region incentives but if it’s a purchase rebate you can use with us bank. If it’s a special rate and rebate they are combined.

It’s the same as cash deal. They get the rebate


Hi [Cody_Carter, could I get a link please?
Thank you for the awesome work!!


Look out for pricing update tomorrow. Dropping $500 off of all Tacoma 4x4 and $500 off Tundra 4x4 Sport and Offroad.

Should make for some killer payments before end of year. Tomorrow will be completely crazy so text will probably be the fastest

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text