SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



can i get the link please


can I get link please Cody


Link plz! Thx


Can I the link, please. Thank you!


Looking for lease info on '19 Rav4.
Please and Thank You.


Can I get the link please? Thanks Cody!


Can I please get the link? Thank you!


There arent any incentives on the 2019 so the leases are in the $400-500s. Thats one that will be good to wait on.


Hello! Can I get the link please? Thank you!


Link please


link please


Link please


Was able to update the Tacoma Pricing. β€˜19 offroad 4x2 24 months looks especially good

Will update Camry after my next set of meetings


Any word on Prius Prime shipments?


Just got 14 today


RAV4 2019 got a little help on MF. 0.00157. Added LE AND XLE To the link


Can you make the Tacoma 19 Offroad 4x2 pricing better by getting a manual?


Manuals are so rare in CA that they normally don’t get any discount.


Hi Cody, what color selections do you have for the 4x2 offroady tacoma? I have just checked your homepage and it seem the only colors available in the low price category are silver and white.


Currently low on the regular offroad 4x2 Silver and white only and NONE on the way :frowning:

I might be able to trade for another color.

I went crazy on dealer trades and bought all the premiums from out of state