SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

@Cody_Carter That would be great, really looking for a Galactic Aqua with black leather XSE or XSE-V6

Apple CarPlay is available on the 2019 Toyota Camry, right?

CarPlay yes. :slight_smile:

Can I get a link please? Thanks

Can you send the new sheet?

Can I get link please?

Also not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I picked up a Rav4 from Cody last month. Easy to work with, smooth process got what I needed, no pressure no bs this is how car buying should be… had to wait a couple hours for the car to be washed/prepped however. Not anybody’s fault it just happened to be a busy day. Only way things could’ve been easier is if they could ship it to my door… but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

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Post a review here! (and put some pictures too) SoCal Toyota Dealer - Cody Carter - Tustin Toyota


Just added a Corporate DEMO TRD Offroad 4Runner. Normally a car that doesn’t see much of a discount. Has TRD Pro Wheels and skid plates. 8,000 miles

This isn’t like BMW where we get stupid deals on Demos. This is $500 less than I was authorized to do. (Gotta take care of the Hackrs) Please don’t ask for additional discount.

Listed on the Link Under US Bank.

Whoever leases that is probably going to want buy the wear and tear protection so they can see what it is REALLY made of…

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haha true… but this is CA and not many truely use it. US Bank also doesn’t allow us to sell wear and tear.

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Slight Schedule Change this week. I will be out Tuesday and Wednesday. I will still be able to reply to messages.

Let me know if you need the Link

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text

Hi Cody. Please send me link. Looking to lease Prius Prime. Thanks in advance!

Hi Cody, may I have the link when you have a free moment please? Thank you!

For the link
714/397/4829 call or text


Hi Cody. If I could get the link that would be great. Thanks!

Hi @Cody_Carter, could you send me the link when you get a chance. Thanks!

Hi Cody, @Cody_Carter

Can you send me the link pls?


Can you send me the link as well?

Link me up Scottie! - Thank you

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While I wait, do you mind sending me your link, please?

While everyone else is at it could you send me the link for a tundra lease as well @Cody_Carter thank you

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