SoCal SUV advice

Looking for good deals on an SUV in SoCal. I’d like to keep my payment <$450. First choice is 2017 Ford Explorer (looking at one for $43k). Also considering Mazda CX-5. Dream list includes F-pace, Tahoe/Yukon, X5.

Meeting with a friend of a friend tomorrow that’s some mucky muck at big umbrella dealership company tomorrow who said he’ll get me anything I want for cost at any of their dealerships.

Also rolling in $2k negative equity into loan, can I still hit <1%?

Ford = bad lease
CX-5 = easily within budget. Signs and drive for about $300 (Add $60 for your negative equity)
GMC Acadia Denali = Fits you budget, no chance with Tahoe/Yukon (might be a struggle with your negative equity)
X5 = Keep on dreaming

Your negative equity will add $60 a month to any lease, be very lucky to get the 1%.

Agree with @Ed_Churchward. Not even considering your negative equity, only the CX5 is in your budget from your list.

LOL! I’ll reach those dreams someday! Thanks for the reply.

I also forgot to add 15k miles/year.

I really love the explorer, maybe I’ll buy a CPO…

Would love some other suggestions please.