SoCal - Prius Two $229/mo (+tax) and $0 drive-off = GOOD DEAL?

Is that a good deal?

Here’s the program for 2016 Prius Two in Southern California:

36/12K: 59% residual, .00001 MF
All: $500 Lease Cash
Targeted: $750 Grad, $500 Military

From reverse calculating that deal, it appears the selling price is $22,300 (about $2,700 off MSRP on a $25,035 car) before incentives. That’s an excellent deal!

Tried a few dealers in San Diego and no one will match. Would you mind giving the dealership info? Thank you.

Carson Toyota. Ask for Dianne.
It was exactly the same as promised, no BS, no pressure, no expensive extras. Quick and pleasant. In and out in one hour.

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Thank you for the heads up. I was able to get a similar deal for $269 with $0 drive off. The dealership also made the first month’s payment.

Want to do this with co signer. Carson said Toyota would nix regardless of high score even 800, if the bottom half is under 600. Am checking around to see if any dealers can go outside of Toyotas banking discrimination. If any have thoughts, please post.

Why co-signs a lease? If your credit isn’t good enough to lease work on that instead of crying discrimination.


If you need help with a prius lease in SoCal let me know. I am over Tustin Toyota. I will do deals that should be very competitive.

I dont want to thread jack so let me know if you want help and Ill get you my contact info.


What exact model did you get please?

Yes recieving helpful information is useful to myself and more importantly the forum.
Do give contact info please.

I’ve bought from Dianne at Carson before. She is very straightforward to deal with. Have done 2 Toyota deals with her both were purchases. Aggressive offers without much back and forth and fully honored when I showed up for delivery.
She posts regularly on PriusChat.

Prius C
Prius V

If it is Prius C, all she did was take Toyotas $189 mo offer and add $40 a month to make up for the 0 down payment.

Title says Prius Two. Could be the Prius Two ECO? The one I leased was the Prius Two.

Which options did you pick?

What was your drive off fee?
Currently in nego with Poway Toyota.

Done. Poway Toyota
Prius 2 with cloth seats. Not the leather and Nav pachage.
242 for 35 months with zero drive off.

$242 + tax? or $242 including tax?

$242 tax already included.

Michael and Cal Jane
Mine was 22,086 Total Agreed Upon Value of Vehicle

  • 650 Acquistion Fee

Should i have fought to have the Acquisition Fee taken off?
Cal Jane and other Prius buyers, did you pay the Acq Fee?