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We need to move 4 new cars by EOB, I have improved all of the cars above! The Q5 in particular is fantastic. Today only.


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Any E-Tron?

OOS at the moment. I have one e-tron S https://www.audicarlsbad.com/new-electric-hybrid-inventory.htm?model=e-tron%20S

Any Q5 TFSI (Premium Plus) models?

Any A4 available?



I have incoming soon

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Two Q4’s in stock and still available, these will likely be gone by EOD!




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Hi there - Any Q5 Deals ?


As close to a 1% Q5 lease as I have seen in a while for those who chase that figure. Please PM or Text me. The deal is for this Q5 specifically.



Lots of nice new inventory arriving! The Nardo RS5 with the bronze edition is particularly :drooling_face:

Hi - Would you have a Q5e on the lot? Thanks

Unfortunately I haven’t had any for a long time.

Donny you have to do more 1% deals. I’m not a huge fan of the current lineup other than the Q8 maybe, but if you can do a 1% deal on the Q7 and/or Q8 :face_with_peeking_eye: I can consider it seriously and possibly get two.

I wish! With these rate increases leasing is becoming more and more expensive. The Q5 deal I had recently was a one off. Hopefully we get more factory support and can get the pricing down soon.

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Spreadsheet updated for the end of the month! Improvements on the Q3 & Q5 and one SQ5!

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Both incoming and available! 5k over MSRP.+ $1250 Lux care (I know)

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Better than the 15k markup in Seattle

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Definitely more than fair for our immediate market as well! These will be our 3rd and 4th we’ve had total.

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