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Please contact me if you’re in the market and local for this month. I do not know what the future brings and cannot quote for next month or in the future. Audi lease programs for loaners are not the same as other brands. Please have all information for me so I can provide an accurate and efficient quote for you. I am happy to quote anyone in the market and seriously interested.

Spreadsheet available upon request - Text or PM

Before contacting me for a quote PLEASE, have the following information to provide. It allows me to be more efficient and prompt in getting back to you.

  1. Stock #
  2. How many miles and at what term?
  3. Do you plan on using MSD’s?
  4. What is your current zip code?

These details are greatly appreciated and help the transaction / quote go much more seamless!

Please contact me ONLY directly if I can be of assistance.

My direct number is: 619-363-3676 (text preferred)



Isn’t the base MF on these .00136 or does it vary by region? MSDs should drop it to .00086.

That is correct, buy rate is .00136. This has a little rate in it, as most dealerships will try to recoup money somewhere. If you’re interested in the deal I can always see if buy rate is something my managers will go to.


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Nice discount! Does the monthly include sales tax?

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Thanks for pointing that out, + Tax!

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May bump! 2020

Added many more models.

What would be the monthly for the q7 for 36/10 and without msd?

PM’d 202020

Interested in the Q7. Is the 3000 conquest cash included in the payment listed already? Thanks.

Conquest is included in the figures already, please send me a text and we can discuss.

Any S4s available ?

PM’d 202020

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S4 and S5 Added.

SQ5 included?

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PM’d 202020

3.0T Q7 Added

I have an '07 Audi. Do they make exception?

Unfortunately not, they uphold the requirement of 09+.

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Texted you